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Full Endorsement Letters

Feature film projects have more than the usual bumps and grinds mostly due to budget restraints, yet Scott always gave us an accurate view of what would be needed to accomplish the shooting day while staying on budget. Scott’s strong suit is that he has a sound vision, passion, and drive towards all areas of production. Very rare to find in today’s world of film making. 

A bright spot to Scott’s talent as a director is his knowledge in Post. Scott understood exactly what needed to be achieved in post and functioned as a team leader to meet the Producers quirks, and yet, complete a film to meet the distributor’s deadline. 

I have produced a long list of Films and Television Shows and dealt with many directors. I can say that Scott is not only a class act and easy to work with, but he takes control of the project from the beginning to end, delivers the vision as agreed, while being mindful of the budget. He is very well organized, communicates effectively and is a lot of fun to work with. 

Without any hesitation, I give Scott the highest of recommendations. A great Talent. 

- Jack Sojka, 3-time EMMY winning Producer - Keen Screen Pictures, Inc. 



I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Scott McCullough as a director. I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future.


I was the lead actor in a filmed pilot drama Scott directed. For me as an actor, Scott offers generous direction. His full trust in my performance was invaluable, allowing my ability to perform with freedom, creativity, and collaboration.  It’s very rare in today’s world of filmmaking to find a director who’s calm under pressure and earns the complete trust of the entire cast and crew. His understanding of character, motivation and story was clear, and he worked great with all the actors on the set. For me, Scott’s intuition garnered my complete trust as an actor and helped shaped my performance through his direction and understanding of my acting process. 


His talents as a director are clearly complimented by his cinematography skills, post-production sensibilities, and knowledge of special effects honed from his vast commercial successes. Scott keeps a tight ship running smooth and efficiently with what I heard averaged out to be 40 set-ups per day.


Our project had an unusual degree of challenges for an ultra-low budget picture, beyond the expected tight schedules and limited resources. With an obstinate producer, Scott always held steady and gave all the performers an accurate vision of what needed to be accomplished while staying extremely focused - unburdened by the hindrances.  His strengths as a director are driven by a clear cinematic vision as a filmmaker and a commitment that positively infused the production.  He knew what was needed and never strayed from the plan due to his pragmatic dedication to his filmmaking craft.


Scott not only demonstrated he’s a class act and easy to work with, but he’s a poised leader from the beginning to the end, delivering the highest possible production value - with vision of a highly prepared and experienced director. 


Without any hesitation, I offer the highest of recommendations of Scott as director.


- Patrick J. Adams, SAG nominated Actor and Producer - Bread and Circus Inc.



I have had the opportunity to work as a producer with Scott McCullough on a feature film we were packaging.


Scott demonstrated his ability to find and bring financing and initiate the casting process with top “A” list talent.  Scott has impressed all of us here at 1019 Entertainment with impressive preparation and an intuitive understanding of the script.  For example, he took initiative of a complicated stunt-laden project with effects and garnered bids with impressive deal pledges (physical and CGI) to aid in planning and able to execute within our budget. 


Scott crafted treatments and directing approaches to exemplify clear and concise approaches of his directing craft onto this film.  I see in him what top directors implement and practice.  He has commitment of a seasoned director teeming with kinetic style with cinematic understanding.


I am excited and confident in working with Scott and have all the faith he will deliver on any feature film he chooses to take on.  His experience of proven success shows he is a prolific director, but also do so with commercial success that filmmaking must embody.


Please feel free to contact me for any further information or comments.


- Ralph Winter, Producer – 1019 Entertainment 



Scott cast me in the lead role for a pilot and the experience was exceptional. As a thirteen-time Daytime Emmy-nominated actor (with two wins!), I have collaborated with many directors during my career and Scott’s professionalism, creativity and sheer perseverance stands up to any of the top directors in the business.

It’s hard to encounter another director who had the focus and correct intuition.  Scott’s firm grasp on the process of acting, extraordinary preparation for the character was personable and intraoral to the picture - a delicate balance managed exceptionally well. 

Scott’s direction is, like his demeanor, professionalism, precise, thoughtful, and always supportive. He has an innate ability to work with actors of varying levels of proficiency and production challenges.  His sense of story is both clear and passionate, and he possesses an enviable balance of intellectualism and the ability to successfully communicate thoughtful process to actors. 

Scott has a sharp wit, and I am certain that he will be a supremely positive force in whichever Picture he directs because of those very qualities. 

I cannot recommend Scott any higher to you. If you have any questions regarding his candidacy or his character, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

- Michelle Stafford, 13-time EMMY nominated, 2-time EMMY winner Actor and Producer


I thought I would throw my two cents in about a director who ought to be on your radar. Scott McCullough.

I worked on a Chevy campaign in the winter in Colorado and he was top notch.  His passion to do a great job paid off in fab footage and a total pleasure to work with!  He deserves my recommend.

I went into the campaign with great trepidation as we had some tough days and the last thing, I wanted was a big ego diva type. Scott proved PERFECT for me.  From the very first handshake at the hotel, I immediately found him to have no ego – just wanting to make everyone comfortable and get the job done best as possible with smiles along the way.  He is a delightful, talented person who made us feel 100% at ease in accomplishing our goals on this running footage project. So glad we all came together on this project and hope to do more. I will also spread the good word about him.

He is welcoming not intimidating. He is a true team-player kinda guy.  Picture John Denver personality and a master craftsman to boot.  No ego…all go.

- Peter Gardner, Commercial Producer


While I was Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson, I led all of Ford’s Regional advertising in the USA which included Ford Motorsports.  We had a new creative campaign titled “Fear Is” which featured Fords top NASCAR drivers, highlighting Ford’s dominance in the NASCAR circuit.

After reviewing multitudes of director reels, we hired Scott McCullough to direct our TV campaign and his proven experience working in the racing world was instrumental in our decision.  When I talked with Scott about our campaign, we shared and collaborated ideas and he went into action.  Scott’s vision brought our campaign to life and from his choice of shots, dramatic lighting, and his editorial style.  His demeanor in working the drivers was outstanding and he forged a solid, trusting relationship with me, our agency, and his crew.  One of my best spots I've done! Did a helluva great job in our NASCAR campaign for Ford! 

I’ve worked with many top directors in my +25 years in the ad business and consider Scott one of the industries best.  I’d highly recommend Scott for your upcoming project and am confident he’ll deliver in big ways for you.


- George Piliouras, Executive Creative Director (former) J. Walter Thompson



Over the last three years, I have worked directly with Scott McCullough on several commercials and films for our client Kubota Tractor Corporation.  I have also worked with Scott on several other projects over the years as a producer and client.  Scott consistently brings creative contributions without compromising the budget or time allotted.  Scott’s directing keeps the shoot on time and on budget because he has a keen awareness of the importance of planning.


During the process of working with Scott, I have found his preparation and planning has constantly aided in my production’s efficiency and success.  His ability to storyboard on the fly and create solutions on the set with the creative team and client has been greatly appreciated.  During times of weather challenges and added needs from the client, Scott has not only delivered this, but also a high degree of creative nuance, critical to the needs of an international, high-profile company.  


Typically, a project would execute 10 scenes per day at a fast pace.  Scott’s concise shooting style averaged over 33 scenes/set ups a day on the Kubota 2015 campaign - with some days exceeding 43 scenes for 12-hour days (as budgeted) – and a 4-hour rain delay.  Coordinating large machines, company moves, specific camera direction, lighting and directing on-camera talent all coalesced into great footage keeps the client calling him back.


Scott’s use of multiple cameras on tight schedule is crucial for my productions to be successful.  His work attitude is always positive, and he is pleasurable to work with.  He treats every crewmember with respect, has fun working and always is safety conscience.  He is a collaborator and a strong leader who I trust can handle high demands of any shoot with confidence and a strong base of experience. - John Brooks, Broadcast Producer


I want to recommend at the very highest level, Scott McCullough, as a colleague who I've had one of the best, most professional, most creative collaborations I've ever had in my filmmaking career, I was always aware of how highly devoted and prepared Scott made himself in every aspect of the production and the postproduction periods. 

His command both big picture and the smallest detail gave him the ability to bring out the very best at any given moment. This along with his considerable communication skills made him a very effective captain of the ship. Scott, I might especially comment on, always takes the high road. He is brilliant. He's effective. He's passionate. He’s personable. He gets things done right. I cannot recommend him more highly.  - Howard E. Smith, ACE Editor - Glengarry Glen Ross, Strange Days, The Abyss


I worked directly with Scott McCullough on several projects in the recent past as producer. He is a passionate and pragmatic director who maintains his schedule with a respectful eye on the budget; He is always devising ways shooting can be done in the most efficient way - without compromising production values. 

Scott was always professional - and fun. On a large $1.8M project for General Motors, we were tasked to shoot over 63 vehicles (Including various trims) during 8 location days from San Lois Obispo to Long beach utilizing two camera crews, Ultimate Arm (and more) that closed streets with complicated car shooting. Added to this was another 5 studio days where we worked with complicated automotive rigs and lighting setups on 3SMM film. The coordination, planning and preparation were as immense as any feature film and Scott delivered the project on time and under budget. The creative director for Leo Burnett stated GM said, "It's the best-looking car footage General Motors has ever done". 

His pitch for the project landed that account that Scott alone created the look and style of - coordinated between two major agencies for untold brand uses of all vehicles in the Buick, Pontiac, and GMC line. Scott then went on to do 10 more days in Argentina for talent shooting effects and scenarios with a completely new team based in Buenos Aries. 

Scott's planning and creative approach is concise and detailed but leaves adequate room for magic to occur. He is confident and knowledgeable and causes no means to go overtime or over budget. Planning is key to Scott and his planning takes in account multiple options to react to variable that occur on any set. Remaining calm and focused is part of Scott process and with his vast experience; he can draw upon a rich well of knowledge. 

Scott's commitment to postproduction is high. Being an editor himself he knows the editorial process is embedded within a great director. He directs with editing in mind and his knowledge of effects and lighting makes him a strong force on the set. 

I was also able to work with Scott on low budget productions where the same dedication to the project was met with same degree of respect.

He has the greater good of the project always on the mind with putting the best effort to the forefront in all aspects. 

His demeanor to the crew and cast was always respectable and goal driven. Scott has worked in almost all crew positions before he stepped up to direct over 25 years ago. That experience is evident in his caring for all the productions he now helms. His ease on the set translates to a great working environment. 

I enjoy working with Scott and as his producer, I know he has my best interests in mind for money and time. He has a deep respect for the craft and has the sensibilities of its various oddities to react with experienced poise. - Michael Tillman, Executive Producer/Producer 


I first met Scott some years ago, when working at Doner on a spot for Secure Horizons/PacifiCare featuring Paul Newman. We needed a solid Car Director with Race Car experience that could also capture humanity, and Scott fit the bill. We had many hurdles to overcome during the prep process, including the shoot being postponed due to Wildfires. Ash was falling on us during Tech Scout and Scott kept on going like a true professional. We eventually re-scheduled the Shoot and came out of it with an amazing spot. Which we coined “Chasing Newman”. If any of you have worked with Celebrities, you know how scheduling can be. 

After that, I worked with Scott on varying projects from Spots to Running Footage and he remains one of my favorites to work with. He jumps into each project with excitement and enthusiasm that he carries through to the end. He collaborates with the Agency Creatives to bring life to the concept, works very well with Talent, always finds the perfect angles, and comes up with solutions to problems. What Production doesn’t have a few problems? Scott doesn’t get rattled; he maintains his enthusiasm while thinking of the best approach to any issue that may arise. 

When it comes to car shooting, he has that covered. We shot 28 vehicles, between LA and Argentina and came out with some of the best Running Footage the Client had ever seen. But beyond Cars, Scott has a way with Talent from Casting to Shooting, he knows how to make them comfortable to get the best performance. That includes a reluctant Paul Newman and even a hand puppet as a placeholder for an animated character. 

I believe Scott McCullough to be an excellent Director and candidate for your next project. I have no doubt he will bring your concept to life in the best way possible. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions. - Michele Conner, Senior Broadcast/Digital Content Producer 



As a producer and a creative professional, I've had the pleasure of working with Scott McCullough on various projects, but, a recent PSA entitled, "The Other Note" which we collaborated on for The National Veterans Foundation (an EMMY short list honoree).

Scott's directorial and digital cinematography skills were put to the test, especially dealing with multiple talent, cameras, and a large crew, including a practical EFX team. Right from the initial development stages, I was particularly impressed with his dedication to the project off and on set, by his calm demeanor and ability to bring people on board quickly and efficiently, as well as his sensitivity in guiding the talent to achieve their best, most authentic performances. In this regard, I highly recommend Scott and believe he would be an asset on any project as a capable director, an innovative creative, a solid visual storyteller and a talented director of photography. 

Scott McCullough is a talented director, a seasoned cinematographer, and a highly creative individual-but most important; he's a consummate professional. Beneath his playful attitude, Scott has a strong foundation in the business and takes every project seriously, while managing to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone, whether it's a high-profile commercial, feature film or a non-profit project to benefit others.   His dedication and expertise are apparent at every level of his involvement, as well as his desire to collaborate with others to achieve the best results. Scott is a joy to work with, and I highly recommend him to others in the film, advertising, and entertainment industries. - Windy Buhler, Freelance Writer / Producer 


I just worked with Scott McCullough on both a TV and print shoot. All I can say is he is one heck of a multi-talented guy.  As both director and DP on the TV shoot he was able to accomplish an amazing number of shots on an incredibly tight schedule; a schedule driven by our celebrity race car driver’s availability and contract requirements. Scott moved seamlessly from the TV shoot to the print in the same day without missing a beat. 

He kept our celebrity talent engaged while continually pulling a great performance from her throughout the day. His ability to focus on dialogue as well as fast action car shots is an unusual talent. From the very beginning his passion for the job showed in his director’s treatment and creative input. And in the end, it showed itself in the beauty of the imagery and our talent’s performance. I hope to work with Scott again soon. - Debbie Karnowsky, Executive Creative Director 


In every situation Scott did an excellent job. He came well prepared and brought considerable experience, creativity, and expertise to each project. His attitude and energy are always excellent, and he is always a pleasure to work with!  I have had the pleasure of working with Scott McCullough and I have found him to be a very talented director/cameraman and a pleasure to work with and great with clients. Great results, highly personable with high integrity. - Mark Androw, Executive Producer - The Story Company


I’ve been fortunate to work with and cast for Scott McCullough on several national and international TV commercials, music videos and films.  We worked together on the award-winning TV pilot “Three Days Gone: Based on the Life of Lucas Snow”.  During this time, I’ve gotten to observe, understand and respect Scott’s process and approach to working with actors.  He knows how to communicate to them both in an audition room and on the set which is one of his biggest strengths as a director.

He establishes trust early on so they are comfortable enough to really commit themselves to their role and take any necessary risks with their performances.  I have gotten so much positive feedback from actors throughout the years (even when they did not book the job) just because of the rare audition/work experience and tone Scott creates.  They are instantly at ease.

This is evident through meeting Scott.  His empathy and passion are contagious so that all around him want to do their best, including myself.  

I have been fortunate to work with several top film, TV, and commercial directors throughout my career.  It is only a handful though who I would highly recommend as effective when it comes to working with and getting the necessary performances from their talent. Scott’s definitely one of those artists! - Michael Sanford, CSA Casting Director


I worked with Scott McCullough on several projects with Celebrity talent, one example that comes to mind was a commercial for EA Sports. The spot was designed to feature the top NASCAR drivers during an actual race weekend. Tony Stewart, Dale Ernhardt, Jr., Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth, Jimmy Johnson, Robby Gordon, Bobby LaBonte, Kevin Harvick all had to be shot in one day, showcasing both personal interviews and driving on a live track...Scott delivered. 

This project presented numerous challenges in terms of scheduling as well as dealing with the delicate task of managing many different personalities and egos. The location circumstances did not help as the heat, humidity, large southern boisterous crowds, and tremendous security challenges were ever present; furthermore, each driver had only a small window of time to give us between practice and qualifying. During this unprecedented access, Scott was able to create compelling scenes in very difficult circumstances in extremely limited time. He was able to control sound, shooting location and delivery in an overwhelming environment of a NASCAR Sprint Cup event. He worked work directly with the drivers to achieve a kinetic and powerful brand spot for the agency and client. In fact, NASCAR themselves wanted the commercial to use as its own branding due to its successful turnout. 

On a more personal note, Scott directs celebrity sports personalities with ease and does a tremendous job of connecting with them directly and not pandering. He comes to a project with a thorough understands of the celebrity (and does an amazing amount of research) and creates performances that are above and beyond what others have done with the same talent. I am certain any star/celebrity - athlete, musician, actor, etc. - will be well served by him. Scott makes them look great by capturing their best moments of sincerity and heroism, which further creates a sense of confidence on camera which is fluid and natural. 

Scott’s attention to detail, and dedication to delivering the best possible product, is a cut above the industry standard and he is a pleasure to work with. He truly loves his craft and his ease in capturing moments is not lost upon those that work with him. I would happily be in the trenches with Scott. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss any of Scott’s numerous qualifications. - Deven LeTendre, Broadcast Producer for national commercials and feature films


It had always been my distinct pleasure to work with Scott McCullough.  Scott is a very gifted commercial Director/DP. Not only is he skilled at his craft, he’s also a great guy!  Scott’s work as a Director of Photography never fails to render the unique images needed to deliver the “pop” to each engaging story - which is skillfully crafted by Scott - the Director. 

We have collaborated on a wide variety of subject matter over the years. Several of our projects have relied on Scott to pull believable on-camera performances out of non-professional actors (in the form of NASCAR drivers) like Dale Ernhardt, Jr. Michael Waltrip and Tony Stewart. He has proven to possess a seamless ability to connect with these personalities and focus those connections on the task at hand. 

I look forward to working with Scott again and would recommend him to anyone looking for a first-class Director/DP. - Stuart Owens, Executive Producer


"Scott's a great collaborator who understands the material and brings fresh ideas to the table which expands the value of a project with experience and enthusiasm."

- Kenny Yakkel, screenwriter The Exorcism Diaries, “Alien Rising, “Dead Air”


I recently had the pleasure of working with Scott McCullough on a high-profile DirecTV campaign that had us shooting NASCAR drivers on a track location in North Carolina. If you have ever had the opportunity to work with celebrity athletes, you understand the fact that it takes a patient and buttoned up Director to be successful. I found Scott to be efficient, effective, and professional. Not to mention highly creative. He came to the shoot prepared and quickly moved from set up to set up without a delay and was collaborative and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend him. - Tom Dunlap, Executive Producer, RSA (Ridley Scott), 72andSunny

Scott has done a couple of Ford shoots for us, and we couldn't have been happier with the results. He's great shooting people and knows how to make cars look good. He's collaborative and a pleasure to work with. He made some great contributions in terms of helping us develop a couple of spots after we had come to him with storyboards that we hadn't completely thought out ourselves. He comes highly recommended by me and other members of our team and we look forward to working with him again. - Mike Priebe, Agency Creative Director JWT and Team Detroit  

Aside from being a nice guy, a pleasure to work with and incredibly collaborative. He is a great shooter and a great problem solver. He is very creative and thorough, and he was amazing with our celebrity talent, Tony Stewart, and with all the rules and regulations that came with shooting at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. He works incredibly hard and gave our job 150% every day. - Peggy Moore, Broadcast Producer, The Richards Group 

I selected and hired Scott McCullough to direct TV productions for Kubota National and International branding for many years. On all occasions, I was impressed with Scott’s preparation, thoroughness, attention to detail and maintenance of a schedule.  The productions both achieved their desired end results. The campaigns went on to assist in the success of improving the brand awareness and the brand image for Kubota across the United States.  Some of the assets created have a long shelf life and will be in use for many years to come. I would trust Scott with other future directing jobs. - Vince Iorio, Manager Marketing Communications (former) - Kubota Tractor Corporation

Scott McCullough’s work is exquisite. His creativity is one of a kind and the ability to convert an idea into film/video is amazing. I worked with Scott on many different projects. He is a true artist and hard worker with a tremendous amount of passion for this work. Scott is also a lifelong friend of mine and is always there when needed. Scott is reliable, hardworking, and creative with a great sense of humor. - Tim Londer, Shutterstock Executive

My company represented Scott for 3 years. Scott was professional, conscientious, and personable. He put 100%+ into every project, including his treatments, preproduction, and shoots. Clients loved working with Scott and always walked away happy! Personable, Expert, High Integrity. - Patti Coulter, Executive Producer 

How could anyone NOT hire him as a director?  He’s very pro-active, keen listener with a creative eye producing winning result to your project. His prep work is unique in the manner that before he even sets foot on a sound stage, he knows what needs to be executed to reach his end goal. Scott is a director who truly believes in collaboration while intertwining the wants and needs of the client. This is demonstrated through his skillful teamwork with the crew as well as knowing how to provide sound direction to the actors in a trusting and comfortable style. Because of this, you will find Scott has the respect of the entire crew including the DP, head electrician, and Line Producer. This type of collaboration is what Scott thrives on, essentially to have a success for all. - Studio Executive

People trust Scott and he is a class act which only makes people want to work harder and smarter with him. Whatever Scott works on it is a guarantee he will provide his talents and wisdom to execute beyond the client’s expectations. Thus, everyone will be proud to place his or her name on the project including Scott. If you are ever fortunate enough to work with Scott as I have, you will see how his magic works on the set in an unassuming yet very productive way. It would be a delight to work with Scott again!! - Kathleen A. Scoval, Partner at The KAS Group Inc. 

Scott's approach to work is unlike any other. His attention to detail and the passion for excellence results in an outstanding final product. He is not afraid to try out new stuff and ways to make things interesting. He is not only creative but also inventive and has that uncanny ability to make you say, 'whoa'’! Personable, Expert, Creative. - Roy Seow, Creative Director, at SAESHE Advertising 

Truly one of a kind director!  If you haven’t worked with Scott, you are really missing out! - Jon Kim, Media Director/New Business at SAESHE Advertising 

What can I say about Scott? Well, we had worked together on some projects in the past, and he was always the keel that kept the ship steered in the right direction. Since I tend to go astray from time to time, you need a man on your side like that. His impeccable eye and feel for this great and crazy business have matured so quickly and there seems to be no stopping him at any point. - Patrick Epstein, Director at Electric Sheep Productions 

I know Scott as a colleague at James Productions and through subsequent work he directed and posted at Fischer Edit. Scott was the consummate professional and dedicated creative on the projects we worked on. He carried a strong creative vision and was a collaborative team member. I have always enjoyed working with Scott. - Tony Fischer, Owner at Fischer Edit 

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