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Multi-award winner Scott McCullough earned over 196 directing awards and honors with some of the largest brands in the world including Prince, Warner Bros. Records, NBC/Universal, NASCAR, Ford, Budweiser, Pepsi, Target, Kumho Tires, Coors Light, General Motors, Chevy, Amtrak, and E.A. Sports (and many more) and they have repeatedly hired Scott to direct on multiple high-budget projects for multi-billion-dollar corporations - many of which are Fortune 500. One of the defining moments of Scott's illustrious career came when screen legend Paul Newman requested Scott to direct his final filmed appearance, a poignant tribute to the Champ Car racing team - winning the project away from Tony Kaye (American History X) and Michael Bay (Transformers).  Often serving as his own cinematographer, Scott's technical and cinematography advantages prompted General Motors leadership to proclaim "The best footage General Motors has ever produced" on a 106-vehicle shoot for 24-days in two countries with a $3.5MM budget - in time and under budget.

Additionally, he was responsible for creating, writing, directing, and cinematography of Thunder Theater's groundbreaking $4.1 million, 11-minute 70mm NASCAR experience film, "100%" and it’s prequel "No Bull." These pioneering productions, showcased in the world's largest mobile theatre, introduced cutting-edge effects that laid the foundation for the immersive 4-D filmed experiences currently used in specialized theaters.

Etching his name into the history of cinema, his creative collaboration with music icon Prince during the pinnacle of the artist's career stands the test of time. His extensive directorial and cinematography skills elevated Prince's videos (over 34) to new heights of visual excellence, including "Gett Off," "Diamonds and Pearls,” “3 Chains o’ Gold,” and "Sexy M.F." awarded with the prestigious Gold RIAA for well over $2M sold each.

Building on his past achievements, Scott has ventured into the realm of major motion pictures, delving into compelling narratives that address issues like shedding light on previously untold discoveries regarding PTSD during the Vietnam War era in "Captain for Dark Mornings" and the horror/Heist “26 Floors” among many others.

Sony and Warner Bros. recently released the "sensational" (John Earl/Classic Pop) and highly anticipated "Prince and the New Power Generation Live at Glam Slam" on Blue Ray and theatrically as part of the Diamonds and Pearls Super Deluxe Box Set in 2023.

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